Inspired by his mother’s colourful wall murals and his brother’s beautifully detailed sketches, Waldemar Zagorski has been surrounded by art since early childhood. Growing up in Poland during communism taught him patience and perseverance – characteristics that are expressed in his work.

From an appreciation of the elaborate and eccentric works of Salvador Dali to his own admiration of the contrast-laden boldness of the charcoal medium, arose an inspired artist, whose intricate drawings eventually would lead him to the world of photography.  In 2003 Waldemar graduated at top of his class from the prestigious Fanshawe College Photography Program in London, and began a successful career as a commercial photographer.  After eleven years of studio work (eight of those as a head-photographer) he decided to shift his focus and apply his knowledge to fine art photography.
Currently residing in British Columbia, Canada, an award winning and internationally published photographer, Waldemar Zagorski has been involved in the art of photography for over a decade.

Studying extensively conventional darkroom techniques and, gaining more inspiration from the masters of photography such as Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh, he quickly accepted black & white film as his medium of choice.  Initially experimenting with 35mm to medium and large format cameras, he is now mostly using digital equipment.

Waldemar continues to explore different genres of photography, although his most elaborate works focus on the natural world and human form.  Combined with his passion for travel, and his intimate approach to each photograph, he continually experiments with the precise craft of lighting techniques and careful composition.  Known by his critics as a “Master-of-Light”, Mr. Zagorski creates an impact producing a photographic genesis; an ethereal exploration of shadow and its deep, spiritual and meaningful transgression in to light.

Waldemar Zagorski has exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada.  His photographs are collected and coveted by private parties throughout the world.